Happily: The Musical JR.
5th-12th grade

This musical theatre intensive gives students the chance to perform in Happily: The Musical, an original musical written by Riverside co-founder Livi Perrone. This cast will work with a professional musical director, choreographer, and director to create a staged reading of Happily’s Junior Edition. Students will be the first junior cast to perform the whole show.

Story Summary: Happily Ever High School is the #1 preparatory academy for fairy tale youth. Students are sorted into storybook roles at the beginning of their education, with the expectation that they will have an opportunity to become royalty when they graduate. Unfortunately, as graduation approaches, members of the senior class begin to realize that maybe the key to happiness isn’t found at the end of a storybook.

Join us for this week-long spring break intensive for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work on an entirely original show!

Dates: April 15th - 19th

Times: 1pm - 5pm

Price: $200


Princess and the Pauper
2nd-6th grade

The Princess and the Pauper (based on the movie musical of the same name) is a brand new fairy tale musical adventure! Join us for this week-long musical theatre intensive for the opportunity to work on a musical that isn’t available anywhere else. Students will perform a staged reading of this original musical for family at the end of the week. This cast will work with a professional musical director, choreographer, and director on scenes and musical numbers.

Story Summary: Anneliese and Erika are identical except for one thing - one is a princess and one is a pauper. They both have dreams that go beyond their individual lives and when they happen to cross paths in the marketplace, they hatch a scheme to switch places. When a wicked plot is put into effect by a sneaky villain, the girls rely on their friends, Julian and Dominick, and their trusty animal sidekicks, Serafina and Wolfy, to help them on this adventure of a lifetime.

Dates: April 15th - 19th

Times: 9am - 12pm

Price: $150

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Riverside Theatre Arts is created by a theater kid and her family, for theater kids and their families. Our mission is to provide a professional performing arts education to the children in our community. We strive for high quality, affordable opportunities that inspire young artists to pursue their dreams.

Summer 2019 Announcements:

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Registration Coming Soon!


Summer Main Stage - Matilda: The Musical

For the first year ever, Riverside Theatre Arts will be producing a full-length musical for our summer main stage. We will be one of the first companies in the Hudson Valley to produce this coveted Broadway title.

This will also be our first AUDITION ONLY program. Check back in for our audition dates, coming soon.

Grades: 2nd-12th grade (eligible to audition)
Dates: July 29th - August 10th (some cast members may rehearse prior)
Final Performances: Friday, August 9th and Saturday, August 10th


Junior Main Stage - Frozen JR.

Riverside will be one of the first companies to produce the brand new musical, Frozen JR. This will be an all-inclusive summer program with music, dance, and acting. Cast members will perform the full 70-minute production of the musical at the two rehearsal weeks.

Everyone who auditions will be cast!

Grades: 2nd-12th grade
Dates: July 8th - July 19th (some cast members may rehearse prior)
Final Performance: Friday, July 19th


Master Class Intensive -
Everyone’s a Star!

This brand summer program will feature a Broadway master class and will culminate in a themed musical revue inspired by Broadway’s most popular musicals.

Theme: In this revue, everyone is the star! Every single cast member will be featured as one of Broadway’s many famous leading characters. They will be cast in solos, duets, and trios from a variety of different musicals to show off their strengths and gain new skills. In addition to representing a Broadway star, they will also get to perform in ensemble numbers from musicals like Hamilton, Wicked, and Anastasia.

Dates: August 12th - August 16th (Final Performance on Friday, August 16th)
Ages: 2nd - 12th grade


Expression in the Arts - Summer Program

This one-week program focuses on the creative side of performance arts. Our mission is to teach young artists the invaluable skill of self-expression. The program is split into three distinct facets; expression, mentoring, and presentation.

Students will have time allotted each day to learn fun creative exercises that will help them find inspiration. The second aspect of the class will be lessons with professional mentors that have mastered specific arts such as expression through movement, songwriting, and visual art. The third part of the program is based on refining their artistic ideas into a final presentation.

Dates: August 26th - August 30th
Ages: 2nd - 12th grade